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Emo Mac attack

December 12, 2008

I guess my Mac has been depressed lately. I didn’t see the warning signs. I figured that slow running programs, Safari/Firefox crashes, and frozen word documents were merely signs of my Mac’s age, but no, they were…(whispers) suicidal tendencies.

Last Monday afternoon, my Mac tried to kill itself.

I arrived home from work in a bit of a tizzy. It had been a less than desirable day. I was tired, grouchy, and hungry. I called my mom for support. As I wandered around my apartment, I noticed something odd about my Mac. It was sitting on the kitchen counter, and it was a bit too close to the edge. Just as I began to walk over to move it, my Mac fell. I watched helplessly as my Mac tumbled screen first on the floor. I ran to it, opened it, and…dead. Millions of tiny, multi-colored cracks covered the screen.


I rushed my Mac to the campus Apple Store to see if it could be revived. Luckily, it was safe…for a mere $400 (and anti-depressants, and new age therapy sessions).

After three days of using grandpa PC, I got Mac back today (pets Mac’s keys). Man, am I happy.

Basically, this post is to tell you all why I was absent in my first weeks of blogging. I promise my posts will be more frequent. Really. Promises.


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