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T U R T L E marketing power

December 15, 2008

Who doesn’t love the Ninja Turtles? I have been a fan since I was a child. I watched the T.V. series, the movies, and owned the action figures. I’m not sure why I loved the Turtles so much. Perhaps it was because they were green? Maybe it was because they had different color eye masks.

As an adult (weird seeing that word describing myself), I often think about the Turtles, and how they can help all of us understand life, love, and work.


I think everyone has a “Turtle Persona.” As a kid, I was very fond of Raphael, the red eye masked, sai wielding, disgruntled turtle. Yup. That’s me (sad, I know). I deal with problems in odd ways, I am quiet, and I am sarcastic. I’ve also noticed that most of the young lads I have dated are either Raphael or Donatello (my second favorite turtle because I am a major science loving, typically peaceful lady) fans. Know your mate’s “Turtle Persona”. Personas can totally make or break a relationship.

Anyhow. I have noticed these personas apply to work as well.

I work as a copywriter for a marketing team, and as I have become more involved in the Web and marketing world, I have discovered that marketers have distinct “Turtle Personas,” too.

Turtle Marketing: How to become a lean, green, turtle marketing machine

Want to learn how to create a tubular marketing campaign? Perhaps you want to get the word out that your brand is rad. Look no further. Turtle Marketing has all the information you need. So step forth, discover what turtle you are, and begin to wield your marketing weapon. Cowabunga!

Are you:

Leonardo: The leader of the Turtles. Leonardo is strong, confident, and believes in justice. If you boldly execute projects, and lead your marketing team into meetings with confidence, Leo is your turtle. Go forth, oh just one.

Michelangelo: The creative, silly, and least professional of the Turtles. Every company has a gal who sits at her desk speaking gibberish. This colleague may seem insane or even ditsy, but you know from experience that she will be the one to come up with a hit slogan.

Raphael: Ah, the recluse. This dude is a smidge anti-social, but he is an asset to your team. His edginess makes him an alternative marketing genius. This employee is also a great asset to your online social marketing networks. While he may not be able to deliver an eloquent speech, he knows how to recruit fans online.

Donatello: The peaceful, and analytic turtle. She is your in-house nerd. She can go through Google Analytics, interpret results, and have a report ready by the end of the day. It’s a good thing she is so calm and peaceful, because numbers and stats would make any normal employee go nuts.

Yes, yes. This is a very cheesy way to classify your marketing style, but you must admit that it’s quite accurate. I think I’m a Donatello with a splash of Raphael. I’m definitely an analytical list loving nerd who is quiet, but am sarcastic and cynical when I write.

Come on. It’s fun to look at everyday work through a different lens; this one just happens to be green and ninjatastic. So, what turtle are you, and how to you deliver your marketing message?




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