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The sense of simplicity

December 19, 2008

I was talking to one of my dear friends today about simplicity. The phrase, “keep it simple,” is well known. Many people, however, decide to complicate their lives with un-needed stress.

Why is that?

I understand that life gets more complicated as we age, but must it always be irksome? I think people are naturally drawn to stressful situations. Just look at some of the T.V. shows that have done well over the last few years. People love stuff like The Hills, The Bachelor, and America’s Next Top Model (Guilty. I like watching pretty people fail) because they provide a constant stream of drama.

Clutter and complication have infiltrated daily life, too.

How many social networking sites do you have? How many texts do you send and receive in a day? How many pieces of clothing do you have that you don’t need? What about all of those different eye shadows you own? Wait. Now I’m talking about myself.

Yeah. Clutter is everywhere!

Maybe we should try to go back to a more “simple” life. I’m not saying you should drop out of society and throw away your iPhone, but maybe you could give your old clothing to Planet Aid.

Eh? Just a thought.

Removing the excess clutter and drama from your life can sometimes spark a realization of simplicity, and clear your head.

Aww. Don’t we all feel warm and fuzzy? I know I do.

Until next time, try to have a simple, or at least drama free evening.

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