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January 5, 2009
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Man, oh man.

So, I thought the crazy stuff was over. Not so much.


Both of my parents are now sick. My mom is on about 5-6 diff. meds and is still having a hard time kicking the pneumonia. It is her thirdish  bout this year. My poor dad, had a fever/cold. Us Stutzer’s are falling ill all the time. ughhhghghgu.

1) Job interview 1: Walk into the office and get an immediate feeling of dread. I’m uncomfortable. The office feels fakeish and the co. seems less than professional. I see the interviewee before me leave, in a bubbly fashion, as I, calm and quiet, enter the office. Five mins. later, I am dismissed. I totally didn’t get the job, and I felt like I was a arty nerd high school girl all over again.

2) Job interview 2: Pretty promising, but not for a month.

3) Get home: My car is back from the shop, so I decide to take it out for a spin. Little did I know that an industrial size garbage container was to my left. As I slowly (as in 3 miles per hour), pull out, I hear a CRASH! My car’s left, side mirror is shattered, and slowly swinging from the side of my car. My dad runs downstairs and chaos ensues. Not only is the car hurt, so is the garage door track. Garbage pail= 1 Abbie= -5.

So yes, not only do I STILL not have a job, but I am about $1,500 in debt with my parents and stressed as heck. Anti-social Abbie is back, and in full force. I’m totally staying home all week.

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  1. January 9, 2009 12:21 am

    Sounds like things have been rough. I hope they only get better for you Abs!

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