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Branding, lollipops & twists

February 4, 2009

Who likes to move? Anyone? I’m pretty sure it’s one of things that everyone hates, but needs to do at least five times through out a lifetime.

Blah. I don’t wanna do it.

Want to know another thing I hate to do? I despise thinking of new blog topics.

This particular topic is not the best, but hey…it’s something.

~~ Twisted Branding ~~

I sometimes wonder how people come up with a brand.

How do they decide what words and symbols describe the product or service they are trying to sell?

One person that’s branded their products (films) well is M. Night Shyamalan.

“Weird,” you say. Not really.

Almost everyone knows what to expect from a M. Night film.

Creepy music + wide-eyed stares + a twist! = M. Night movie

It’s true. You know it.

Heck, even Robot Chicken has skits about M. Nights twists.

Although his movies are often panned by critics and made fun of by moviegoers, people still pay money to see his films. Last summer The Happening got 1 ½ starts. I, being the b-horror loving freak I am, went to watch the cheesy blood fest. The theater was packed, and the film made money for weeks.

Although his movies are sometimes less than stellar and a bit cheesy, people enjoy the product he creates.

The M. Night brand ~ Cheese and blood, with a twist

So, it seems the M. Night brand is here to stay, twists and all, for years to come (probably…unless he creates a “twist” in his real life and disappears. He would probably reappear somewhere creepy, though. Maybe in your grandpa’s meat freezer….what a TWIST!).

~ ~End of Blog ~~

Hey. I tried. Perhaps I’ll think of some great blog ideas during my move. Thank goodness I have my BlackBerry. If I didn’t, I’d be without my Internet until Friday. I am afraid that would kill me.

Pathetic, but true.

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