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Move: Mission complete

February 9, 2009
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Ah. I am moved. Most of my things are unpacked. My old apartment is almost clean.


tomorrow I start my new job.

*Pauses to look at the television* ~ Thinks “Wha? Why is Katy Perry wearing fruit? It’s fake fruit, and it’s glittery, but come on…oh, lord. The background is now covered with spinning cherries. Very chic.”


Sigh. I’m not too nervous, I must admit. I just have a bit of an uneasy feeling. Also, I didn’t get to do anything exciting on my last weekend of freedom.

Oh, well. I suppose having a job is not nearly as time consuming as school. I am very happy that is over with.

Anyway. The new place is pretty great. I really enjoy being on the third floor and having an upstairs. My beagle really loves looking out at the geese. It’s pretty cute, until she starts barking. I’m not sure if I am going to make any friends in this building, though. Everyone is a young professional, and most of the professionals are paired off. That’s totally cool and all, but uh… (whispers) I am not that quiet or professional. Ahem.

So, now that I have the world wide webith, a.k.a. yee ould Internet, I can start reading the news again. Man, let me tell you. I do not enjoy not knowing what is going on in the world. I mean, what if Kansas was being invaded by purple, sharp fanged plants? It would really suck not knowing that. Yeah.

OK. I am going to get some sleep. Yes, I know it is early, but I did not sleep well and I cannot think of something important to write here. Man, oh man. I really need to get out more. Here’s hoping I get to know my new surroundings right quick, mmhmm.

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