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Professional as a Pit Bull in Prada or whatever…

February 20, 2009
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Dudes, and dudettes. I am pretty darn happy. It’s nice to have contact with local folks.

Oh. I should mention that the collar kinda works. I have also enrolled the beag. in a play class a few days a week…yeah. That’s right. Don’t worry, I feel like an idiot.

Sooooooo. I think I need to write a week in review (think Bruce Clay Fridays with David Letterman top ten snark).

Yessssss. I’ll make millions…millions.

Not really.

But…I know what I’m going to write about this weekend.

Drum roll…..badadadada…dadada………



Hey. It’s not going to be boring.

I just want to discuss the types of professionals I have met over the last few weeks and find out what you guys think professionalism means. Because, uh, I sure don’t.

Come owwn. It’ll be fun.

OK. Back to researching Barack and health care. Byes.

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