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The Holy #*$! Express

March 9, 2009
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So, are you wondering why I’ve been quiet lately?

I’ve been down, man. Realllly down.

As I mentioned, I got a job. I accepted a legal and executive assistant position at a local company. I knew the job wasn’t my “dream job,” but I was satisfied that it was a job. You must admit that in these times, you are lucky to have a job.

So, I accepted the job and worked hard. I got there early. I was nice to everyone. I was great. The most outgoing Abbie, like ever.

Suddenly, things started to go downhill.

I was reprimanded not once, but twice for not filling a water pitcher correctly. I think, “Hmmm. OK. Not that big of a deal. They are just trying to show me how it is. I get it. Not that big of a deal.”

It then got worse. People in the company kept saying, “Why did you take this job? I would never do it. It’s rough in that department.” Or…“How did you get this job? Why did they hire you? How old are you, anyway?”

Then my bosses started uttering things, like “Girl, why are your nails a mess,” when there were a few cracks in my nail polish. And…“It’s OK if you don’t get it now, we’ll break ya in.”

Yeah, yeah. None of these things are too horrid. I know it could be worse. That’s what I kept telling myself, all while being extremely grateful to have a job. After a month, however, it begins to get a bit old.

Well, last week, we were informed that a few people were going to be laid off. I thought to myself, “Oh, lord. Here we go. I’m totally going to be gone by next week.”

Well, lucky for me the CEO and President of the company came up to me and told me I was safe and that they were not going to eliminate my position. They also said “It would be unethical for us to lay you off after one month. We don’t do business like that. Don’t worry.”

Friday morning, I am called into a meeting with my boss and he informs me that I didn’t make it past the round of layoffs.

He apologized and said things like “we normally don’t do this;” “it’s not our business style;” “we are so sorry to shake up your life…”

I had two other job offers when I took this job. Now, I have zero. Plus, I moved down to JOCO, a.k.a. the eighth gate of hell, for this job.

So, yeah. Thanks, boys.

At least they didn’t “break” me in the process.


Back to the search.

Man, it looks grim.

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  1. Owen permalink
    March 9, 2009 11:39 pm

    Fuck em.

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