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Recession, depression progression

March 16, 2009

Well, I put up all of my blogs. I could totally put up all the research that went behind them and my conclusion, but I doubt any one would really want to read those 90 or so pages.

Over the weekend, I had to give up my serving job. It was a good job, but I wasn’t making enough and I wasn’t going to get enough hours (14-16 hours) to pay rent/eat/live/breath/etc.

So, I applied for about 15 other jobs. I’ve already gotten another part-time job at a big box store. I’ll totally check you out when you buy your domestics.

Onward and upward!

On a side note…

These are the things I have been enjoying. Thank goodness something makes me all happy inside:

March music madness for your ears: Queens of the Stone Age; Of Montreal; The Kills; Santogold; Orgy; Emancipator – Some are old and some are new, but all are BLOCK ROCKING (Yeah. I said it). Listen to them all – now

Movie radness for your eyes: Quarantine – Zombies meets Cujo; Sleepaway Camp – People die by bees and boiling water, people. It’s amazing.

T.V. sadness for your, uh, face: The L Word – Thank goodness for Netflix. This show is pretty sweet. The only thing I don’t get though is how seemingly straight girls become lesbians over night. It’s totally cool, but I wonder the accuracy of this. Hmmm.

Foods for your intestines: Salmon is my new love. We are going to Italy this Spring. Also, First Watch Greek Fetish Omelette. If Salmon is my husband, then olives and feta cheese are my lovers.

OK. I am done rambling. Plus, my beagle has fallen asleep and has cut of the blood circulation in my leg. Damn, Daphne. It’s time for a diet.

Daph has sleepy beagle super powers...

Daph has sleepy beagle super powers...

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