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Where have all the manners gone?

May 1, 2009
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Although I really wish I had a full-time writing job, I think my current job has taught me a lot.

1) Patience: Don’t demand things from people in the service industry. If they mess up, go with it, and be calm. It isn’t the end of the world, and isn’t worth getting your blood pressure up about. We probably did not mean to do it, and we most likely feel really bad. Please don’t make us feel worse. Also, guys. Talking on your cell phone and not responding when we ask for payment is damn rude. We are people, just like you.

2) Don’t yell at the help: Unless we are being really, really rude and cussing at you, you aren’t going to intimidate us – or convince us to give you a discount.

3) Everyone has a different story: Man. People have it rough. I now will try not to complain if I’m having a bad day, because in all reality, it probably isn’t as bad as half the people I encountered that day at work.

I only mention these things because of a certain lovely customer I had the other night.


Dude. I can’t make your food any cleaner than it already is.

Last evening, I encountered the worst customer ever. He got angry with me because I didn’t dry the conveyor belt quickly enough (I was waiting on someone else, a**. ), because I wasn’t meticulous enough (you said dry it with a towel, and did not mention a spray bottle be used), and because I didn’t cower when he yelled at me.

He laughed and became angry when the “dirty” part of the conveyor moved towards him, and his food (dude, I hate to break it to you, but that cleaner you took from the cashier and used to clean the belt while yelling at me was not a disinfectant. Joke is on you.), got angry when a bag brushed up against him, and became more angry/rude when I tried to talk to him about how that happens with everyone (I told him how kids occasionally brush up against them and that even the kids’ parents find it funny when they knock into the bags. He responded with a, “Ha. You haven’t meet someone like me yet, that doesn’t fly. We can keep going back and forth like this all night, but I’m going to win.”).

At this point in the transaction, I looked at him, and said, “Sir. I don’t understand what you are saying and why you are treating me so rude, but I am merely trying to do what you asked, and talk to you, and not be rude. But you won’t have it. So, I’m going to stop talking.” To this, he laughed and laughed. I merely asked him what was funny and he quit. It was like he finally realized, “OMG. This is a person!” Needless to say, his wife/girlfriend began looking at him in a confused fashion as the checkout ended.

Yeah, lady. You go home with this dude every night.


I think the only reason this dude got to me is because I’ve never had a complaint from anyone else before. The only day I was less than friendly was the day I was sick and didn’t know it yet. Meh.

I honestly think everyone should have to work a crappy job after college to bring them back to the reality of the world. It would help remind somewhat egotistical grads that:

1) No, you don’t deserve to make 40,000 a year starting out. You need to work your way up, buddy.

2) No, you are not that smart. Nor that pretty. Or talented. Or unique. You are unique, just like everyone.

3) Don’t take anything for granted, and never become too serious. Seriously. There is no need to grow up or become professional. Just be you, and be nice.

That’s all.

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