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Purple heels on the weekend, cons for the week

May 4, 2009

I spent the weekend:

Watching wonderfully cheesy b-horror movies ~ I’m pretty certain that I’m in love with 70s Grindhouse-ish horror. The movie, “The Gore Gore Girls,” made me realize this love. Also, if anyone asks you what the best horror series is, it’s Basket Case. No doubt. Don’t question. Just believe.

Playfully threatening bosses ~ On Saturday, I was not given a “bathroom break” (Yeah. It’s like I’m in third grade). My bosses forgot about my request, so I took matters into my own hands and shut down my lane. As soon as I turned off my register’s light, a manager asked me what I was doing and said I couldn’t leave. I responded by saying, “Oh, yes, I’m leaving for a second. I’m going to the bathroom.” The manager continued to say I shouldn’t close. I responded by reminding the manager that they would be violating a few store regulations by not allowing me to go to the restroom. The manager looked surprised when I said this, and said, “Yeah. You should shut down.” Uhhhgh. I never thought that going to the bathroom would be considered a privilege.

Listening to music a prepping for writing gigs ~ Yes. I am the nerd that researches before I write. I like to seem more intelligent than I actually am.

Going to cheap places, and drinking cheap things ~ Man, oh man. How I miss the taste of nice wine. At least I managed to have a bit of fun and meet new folks. Ah, spring/summer. You make me oh so social.

Cleaning my old car ~ So, my car likes to flood when it rains. It’s pretty awesome. The passenger side floor has a mini pool. All I need are some fish and fake palm trees and I am set.

Getting free water and trash ~ My apartment complex totally forgot to set up my water and trash account when I moved in. Because of their mistake, I don’t have to pay for my last three months of water or trash. Bahahahaha. Take that, apartment complex I cannot afford management. I win this round.

Hope the weekend was nice for you, too.

I am now going to research some new music, Internet marketing strategies, fresh produce, and sustainability. Yes. I have diverse interests.

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  1. Shawn permalink
    May 4, 2009 3:27 pm

    See, You did meet new folks! And you said it was just the same old same old… bah!

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