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Reject me? Pssh. Your loss.

May 7, 2009
Dude. Even sweet and tasty gummi bears get rejected. The work stinks.

Dude. Even sweet and tasty Gummi Bears get rejected. The world stinks.

Ah, rejection. You are truly an evil b*#th.

Everyone gets rejected at one point (or several) in his or her life. Your spouse or significant other can divorce or dump you (He or she doesn’t like you or your record collection anymore. Sorry, pal.). A job can reject you (You have no skill, you reject. Stop applying!) Colleges, apartment complexes, social networks, and clubs…they all can reject you.

Rejection is everywhere. That sounds pretty scary, eh?

As a writer/blogger/editor, I have gotten a lot of rejection.

A lot.

My articles, ideas, edits, photos have been rejected. Heck, my first thesis was rejected (The first thesis, which was only half complete at the time, was crap. The one I ended up with, however, was grand.)

Rejection hasn’t stopped me, though. I just keeping going along and annoying those who rejected me by succeeding elsewhere.

Ah hahahaha.

So, how can you face rejection and live to succeed another day?

1) Don’t take it too personally:

Yeah. I know. Rejection IS personal. You and your work can be rejected for myriad reasons. Perhaps the piece you wrote wasn’t right for the publication’s audience. Maybe you were a great match for the job, but there was another candidate that had 15 years experience. You don’t necessarily suck. You just aren’t the person that organization needs.

2) Check over your stuff:

Maybe there was a typo on your resume. Perhaps you didn’t “edit” your Facebook page after you graduated from college. You could have been too cautious or shy during a job interview. If you really, really want something, you have to work extra hard to not get rejected.

3) If you are your self, it’s not you. It’s them. You really weren’t rejected:

I can act too shy and hide my personality more often than not. When I hide my personality, I come off weird, awkward and nervous (Wait, wait. I AM weird, awkward and nervous. Damn.) People can sense if you aren’t behaving like your good ol’ self. So relax, be you, and get what you want.

Don’t let a little rejection stop you from pursuing your goals (that totally sounded like one of those slogans you see on cheesy counselor office posters. Eh.)

Let’s try that again.

Rejected? Whatever. I didn’t want that job anyway. I’ll find something better.


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