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The shows I love, want to love, and would have loved

May 7, 2009

I’ve had music on my mind lately.

To me, summer is show-watching season. Every year, I set up my RSS feeds to alert me when bands I want to see are coming through town. I also like to read about who will be performing at big outdoor festivals.

To get ready for show season, I’m going to recall the best shows I’ve been to, the shows I want to go to this summer, the shows that I want to see someday, and the shows that were ruined because of something weird (B-horror enthusiasts…did you catch that? No? OK.)

Shows of recent past that made my face explode:

1) NIN: No. Shut it. Trent Rezonr has not lost his edge. He is still angsty and angry. His anger is now directed at the world rather than himself, however. Can you blame him? Us humans do some stupid sh*t. Anyhow. I saw NIN play Lollapalooza last year. It was the last act of the festival, and it couldn’t have been better. I take that back. It could have been better if the two girls that were high on X in front of me weren’t pixie dancing to industrial music.

Here's one of the Pixie's hands. Idiot.

Here's one of the Pixie's hands. Idiot.

WTF, ladies. Get a grip.

I was 10 ft in front of the sound booth, so I was close enough to see everything, but far away enough to not get swallowed in the angry-man-dance-mosh-pit.

Look. You can see them!

Look. You can see them!

I was honestly surprised NIN sounded so great outside. I had never thought of NIN as an outdoor act, but hell, they proved me wrong. I heard everything I wanted except for The Becoming. Come on, guys. Play that when you come to KC this May!

2) Gogol Bordello: I say, G*d damn. These guys are amazing. There were so many great musicians on one stage. I saw them at Liberty Hall in Lawrence on Halloween of 2007. The show went on for almost two and a half hours (and the lead signer wore heels for about a half hour of that performance. Oh, cross dressing men. How I love thee.) It would have gone on longer, but alas, curfew.

3) Of Montreal: Kevin Barnes’ writes the catchiest songs, and writes great lyrics. This is probably because he used be a part of a comedy troop, but whatever. I love his music. I’ve seen Of Montreal two times, and they just keep getting better.

4) The Smashing Pumpkins: Yeah. Corgan has an ego, but man, the Pumpkins were good.

Bow before me!

Bow before me!: Corgan

Honorable mentions: The Dandy Warhols (Liberty Hall – They took requests from the crowd without getting all angry and rock starish. That was pretty great. Also. Zia and her lack of shirt = amazing.) Black Audio & AFI (Hush it. Both of these acts are great live. And, it’s not Mr. Havok’s fault that no one wanted to dance at the Granada that night.) Radiohead (Who doesn’t like watching them perform?) The Kills (I caught their act at Lolla and fell a little in love. I missed their recent show in Lawrence because of a sinus infection. Grrr.) Beck (I just love the little dude and his hats.)

Present acts that make me wish I had cash:

Not too many shows have been announced for this summer so far, but here are the ones I want to catch:

The YeahYeahYeahs: (Yeah (ha). I missed them last time around.)

Thrill Kill: (Don’t ask me why. I just want to.)

Blondie: (Who wouldn’t want to see them?)

The Crystal Method: (Because I like to watch people dance in a spastic fashion).

The acts that I wish upon a star (awww) to see:

Peaches: I love her. Times 10. Please come by again. And no, I didn’t mean that in a dirty way.

Air: Oh. French men that play electronic music. They are amazing live, I bet. I’m pretty sure that these guys and the following band I will mention will never come through KC.

Massive Attack: Yeah. I like cheesy electronic music. So what?

Prince: I know, I know. All girls like Prince. I think that everyone loves Prince, so ha.

Fiona Apple: The lady is amazing.

Subtle: Great lyrics and lovely bass make me happy.

Bat For Lashes: I wish I could go to Lolla 2009. Waaaa.

Eh. It could have been better…

M.I.A.: OK. I still like the lady and her music, but her show at Liberty Hall wasn’t great. I’m sorry. She hardly sang, and sat for much of the performance. Perhaps this was because she was pregnant then? I’m not sure. Anyhow. I shouldn’t have paid $30. Maybe $10 (Man. I’m filled with hilarity, aren’t I?)

Klaxons: THEY were good. The crowd ruined it for me, though. They all gathered on stage and jumped around. For many songs. It was bad. And the band looked a bit frightened.

Ratatat: I’m pretty sure these guys would have been great if the sound would have been better. The treble killllled it.

Hot Chip: Another great show, but damn you, Granada and your failing air conditioner (at the time.) I lost about 10lbs in that sauna of a show.

OK. I’ll stop typing. On to other articles and creative things. Have a good night!

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  1. Shawn permalink
    May 7, 2009 1:35 am

    Ya know- i agree with you 100% It was fun seeing half of those shows with you too.

    • absblabs permalink
      May 7, 2009 1:37 am

      They were damn good weren’t they? We had great fun.

  2. June 30, 2010 11:28 am

    About a week after the Foo Fighter’s Coulor and the Shape came out, I saw them at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. They had released the Monkeywrench video, but the band was nowhere near as big as they are now.

    Anyway, the venue was a good size to hold a decent amount of people and still be intimate. It was amazing to see a band that was going to end up very big before they blew up. Pat Smear was their second guitarist then, which was awesome, and I left with a broken drumstick from Taylor Hawkins. It really was a great show.

    Of course, now they’re big. FF is still decent rock but is too big to play smaller venues like that. It’s a shame – I don’t particularly care for large venues like the (whatever corporation owns it now) amphitheater in Bonner Springs. Large venues ruins the intimate nature of a concert and makes it feel more like a robbery.

    That is, with one exception – NIN is great, perhaps even better, in large venues. I suppose that’s because it has a light show that kills.

  3. Abbie Stutzer permalink
    July 2, 2010 11:37 am

    That sounds like a blast of a show. And yes. Very much agree with NIN. Always amazing, inside or out, large or small.

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