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Becoming the thing that’s not like the other

May 8, 2009

Man. It’s a David Bowie, Rolling Stones, T. Rex, and Stealers Wheel kind of day.

Translation: It’s damn nice day.


I read a lot of blogs.

A lot.

I read each blog (some which are located in my blogroll) for a different reason; some give me news about new music; others give me food news; a few give me marketing and writing advice; some tell me world news and explain how we’re going to blow-up one of these days. Some of my favorite blogs are just darn funny (and they’re written by my friends.)

Each blog has a different tone and every writer has a unique way to tell a story.

So, I started to think…how did these people find their specialty and how are they able to continually come up with new ways to present mundane news every flippin’ day?

How did they make themselves stand out?

In high school, I made myself stand out by hanging an Al Green photo from the rearview mirror of my car (Oh, shirtless Al Green. You make me smile.)

I don’t think that’ll work for my blog.

I know how to be an individual in other ways, though. I have a decent sense of style and wear different stuff (platforms and heels are my friends.) My love for black nail polish and crazy eyeliner makes me an oddity in OP. Seriously. In OP, black eyeliner + black hair + black nail polish = Goth (cue hair sweep and sigh of sorrow.) Come on, people. Don’t make me sacrifice your children…

Now, I just have to figure out how to make my pretty little writings and ideas standout.


Until I figure it out, I suppose I’ll keep reading all of the great stuff everyone else writes. Heck, even when I become the queen of the Internet I’ll follow the same writers. I mean, they’re great writers (and, you cannot take the power of those you do not keep close – Mua hahaha.)

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