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Inaccurate information is bad

May 12, 2009

Getting up at 5 a.m. isn’t pleasant. I’m a bit grouchy and want to stay home…

But I march on!

Anyhow. A few things have made me all growly this week:

1) Job descriptions that aren’t accurate: I interviewed for a job yesterday. The job description said “Proofreader and copywriter.” I thought, “Sweet. I can do both of those things. I’m in.” I go to the 8:30 interview (owww) and take a 45 min. long proofreading test (double owww.) I think I did a pretty decent job. I can write and edit (cool, huh?) Anyhow, the interview portion of the meet and great didn’t go so well. The interviewer asked me my specialty. I said, “I’m best at copywriting and blogging, but I think I have strong proofing skills, too.” The interviewer gave me one of those cocked head looks that physically say “Awww. You lose.” The interviewer told me “This is a proofing job. You only contribute ideas to the writers.” OK. That’s cool. But why did you have the term copywriter in the job description? Tell the applicants what you want, and you will get applicants you like instead of applicants like pesky ol’ writer Abbie. Rorrrrw. I don’t think they will call-ith me back.

2) Job postings that aren’t updated: A friend of mine applied for a job. He got a confirmation e-mail that said he had an interview at Tuesday at 12 p.m. He wanted to make sure where the interview was, so he called the company the day before (he’s a smart cookie x 2.) When he asked the woman at the company where he should go, she said, “Oh. That job was filled weeks ago. Sorry. I guess we should update that.” No s*$t, lady.

3) Doctor visits: I hate going to the doctor. I had an 8 a.m. appointment today, and now I am sleepy, and my arm is sore (needles cannot penetrate my arm. Seriously. It takes forever. A Sandlot, stretched out foorreevverrr.) Damn my incessant need to find out if I’m healthy.

OK. That’s all. I’m not that angry. I just needed to post something here, and I couldn’t think of anything else.


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  1. Owen permalink
    May 13, 2009 9:07 pm


  2. absblabs permalink
    May 13, 2009 11:40 pm

    Thank ya!

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