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I’d like my fiction with some science, please

May 15, 2009
Nerdy glasses

Nerdy glasses


Nerdy Inhaler

Nerdy Inhaler

= F’ing nerdy Abbie


I’m a science nerd.

Shocking, I know.

I busted up rocks looking for fossils when I was five, and thought I found a dinosaur bone when I was six (it was a chicken bone. I was very disappointed.) I also had a chemistry set and a rock polishing kit.

The cool kids should have beaten me up constantly (I think they left me alone because they didn’t know I existed. I was a quiet kid. Really, really quiet.)

As a teen, I read sci-fi books and watched Star Trek and the Twilight Zone.

Pretty nerdy, I know.

And ya know what?

My nerdiness has gotten worse with age.

Guess how excited I was to see the new Star Trek?

I was excitedx10.

Although I really wanted to see Star Trek, I was a bit worried the film would be cheesy and boring.

The film was neither of those things.

The movie wasn’t that long; the plot wasn’t too ridiculous, and the acting was fine (I didn’t roll my eyes once!) It was pretty gosh darn great.

After the film ended, my friend and I discussed who or what we would be in a Star Trek film (yes. We are both 26.) We came to the conclusion that I would be a Vulcan (I told you I was an analytic nutcase,) and he would be a crazy Captain Kirk type character.

The movie and my conversation with my friend got me thinking about the sci-fi films I love. The following are my favorites:

1. Donnie Darko

Poor Donnie. His parents think he is a schizophrenic with an imaginary friend. But in reality, he’s a disturbed teen who can see into the future (thanks to his way cool friend Frank the demonic bunny) and time travel.

2. Sunshine

The kids from the 28 days/weeks films were responsible for this gem. In the movie, a group of space folks are trying to journey to the sun and save it and the world from destruction! During their journey, they run into an abandoned ship – chaos ensues. It’s visually pleasing, and extremely f’d up. Basically sci fi + beauty + Underworld (they did the entire soundtrack!) = amazing.

3. Strange Days

In this film, virtual reality is used in a very sadistic way. A depressed detective strives to catch the virtual killer/rapist in this sci-fi film noir.

4. Gattaca

Genes decide what a person is destined to do in this film. The hero, a genetic defect, attempts to trick authorities by pretending to be his brother (who is genetically perfect.) Can he fool everyone? His future, job, and love life depend on his success.

5. Dark City

This movie is about a city where it’s always night (surprise, surprise.) When the film’s hero wakes to discover he can’t remember a damn thing and that he’s wanted for murder, he must find out who (or what) is controlling him and the rest of the city’s inhabitants.

6. Blade Runner

Harrison Ford + sci-fi = Amazing. I needn’t say anymore.

7. Event Horizon

A spaceship gets stuck in a hell like dimension. Fun times, eh? Yeah. You won’t want to visit hell anytime soon after watching this film.

8. Alien

Aliens (that like to lay eggs in astronauts’ bellies) invade a space ship. Ew. Creepy. Ew. The film is a classic and doesn’t look dated.

9. The Matrix

You’ve probably seen it, so I’ll just say this: Keanu Reeves + Black trench coats + Crazy slow fight scenes = a million other crappy movies that tried to do the same thing.

10. The Happening

M. Night’s R rated blood fest. My only complaint was that I left the theater wondering where the twist was. In hindsight, I realize that was the twist. Nicely played, M. Night. Nicely played indeed.

Anyhow. I won’t make you read anymore because I’m sure this is getting boring.

I’m going to re-watch Blade Runner now. Have a nice Friday!

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