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Think, woman. Think!

May 18, 2009

Today was full of crazy freelance tests and stressful interviews.

The first freelance test went well. I wrote a short press release for a band. The second freelance test was a bit iffy. I’m still trying to determine what the company wants me to do, and if they are legit.

I don’t want no scams, yo.

After I finished all of my freelance stuff, I began to rehearse (yes, I talk to myself) for my interview. I did this for about an hour or so. Around 1 p.m., my parents gave me a call and offered to take me to lunch. I accepted their food offering with an open mouth (and an empty stomach in need of a tasty omelet.) Also, I would have been crazy to turn down free food.

After lunch, my dad offered to drive me to my interview. I typically like to do my own driving, but since I am short on gas cash and my car smells like a wet beagle, I said, “hell yes, pops.”

I arrived at my interview a bit early. This left me enough time to listen to the end of the Modeselektor song I was dancing to (aka tapping my purple heels.) I was also able to point out the half naked girl standing in the strip club in front of our car. Alas, my poor father never saw her. My mom did, though (my mother was surprised that strippers worked during the day, btw. She actually said, “you mean they get naked for the lunch crowd?” Yes, mom. Stripping is a 24 hour job.)

*Shakes head, buries face in hands – Sheds tear*

Anyhow. My interview went well. I said everything I needed to say and was able to keep calm. I was also able to bring my hand shakes to a tiny tremble.

Me. Covering local music. Twenty-four hours a day. I hope. Image from

Me. Covering local music. Every day. And night. I hope. Image from

I only did two things I regret.

One: I couldn’t think of any source where I get my national music news. What the hell, Abbie? You search for this sh*t constantly. Bad writer. Bad.

Two: When asked what music genre I was interested in, I couldn’t think of anything. I was only able to state a few of the many genres I enjoy. Come on, Abs. What about hip hop, indie pop, trip hop, industrial, drum and bass, punk, rock, electronica, ambient, instrumental, classical…lordy mcNordy.

Also, I could have thought of a few more local bands that make me happy. My ears get all happy for the Snuggle Bugs, Waterfowl Habitat, The Life and Times, and Cowboy Indian Bear. Ffff me.

So yes. Basically, it was a good time. I got along with everyone, and got to talk about how I’m an obsessive compulsive when it comes to writing, editing, and cleaning. Yes. All of those things are connected.

Well, now I’m home and I’m f’ing exhausted. I think I’ll finish this day by listening to some Warhols, T. Rex, and upgrading this little ol’ blog. I’ll let you kids know my fate later this week.


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