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Freelance music and film extravaganza

May 20, 2009

I’ve been freelancing full-time from my apartment.

Yeah. I’m rolling in cash.

I decided to take a few months to build my online portfolio, find new clients, and apply for freelance gigs. I’ll probably end up getting another hourly part-time job soon, but I must admit that working from home is pretty sweet.

*Dammit! Firefox crashed for the third time today. I will cut off your fluffy little red tail, Firefox*


Anyhow, my apartment is very quiet. I’ve been smothering the silence with music (the search for new music is ongoing,) and films (woo-hoo to Netflix!) The following are my thoughts on what I’ve been listening to and watching.

Music tidbits:

When I’m bored, I read about music and listen to a lot of MP3s. Here’s the noteworthy stuff (thus far):

According to Pitchfork news, Paul Banks (Interpol’s vocalist) has an alter-ego (Uh-oh. This type of thing rarely turns out well.) Various musicians will accompany Banks’ new persona, Julian Plenti, on the record, “Julian Plenti Is…Skyscrapper.” The record will be available on August 4.

Rolling Stone’s Smoking Section posted a lovely performance by Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes (my hero,) Davey Pierce, and Bryan Poole. The lovely ditty the fine young men perform is titled, “Teenage Unicorn Fisting.” I think the song will become an instant classic because of the line “Unicorns eating baby meat.” Mmmm, breakfast.

Also, I’ve fallen in love with Electrocute, HEALTH, and Metric. Yup. It’s true.

Movie macaroni – these films are satisfying in an oh so cheesy way:

Over the weekend, I watched three films. One was forgettable, one was moving, and one was dirt-tacular.

The Driller Killer:

Dear Netflix. You gave this movie 3 ½ stars. A 3 ½ star rating says, “You’ll say hot damn and click your heels after viewing this film.” I did not react this way. I said, “Grr,” and threw my beer bottle.

The movie is about a man that kills people with a drill (Wow. Total shock.) The man seems normal at the beginning of the film, but begins to go slightly mad after staring at a painting of a crazed buffalo he made. Slowly, the man begins to lose his grip on reality while his friends’ band, The Roosters, practice. Through the rest of the film, we watch the Roosters practice and perform eight times (me thinks someone was trying to become big and famous,) witness “The Driller” kill a bunch of hobos, and see his coked-out lesbian roomies get confused about life.

The one thing that made “Driller” tolerable was the fashion. Every character looked like a freakin’ hipster. It was amazing. I felt like I was people watching at Neon or the Foundry.

We are like you - but we are more important.

We are like you - but we are more important. Credit:

The Duchess:

I loved this film. It was visually pleasing, and the acting was wonderful. I also enjoyed it because made me think (wait. Who watches a movie to think! Oh, the horror.)

In the film, the duchess’ only purpose is to be faithful to her husband and give him a son. The film showed what happened when a woman didn’t fulfill her “duties,” and how a man was allowed to control his wife. Although the duchess’ husband was a jerk, you feel bad for him in the end as well. While each character finds a bit of happiness, they never get what they truly want.

Man. I’m happy I didn’t live during that time period. Women had it rough.

I can get involved in politics and share my opinion (Wait. I never share my opinion, do I?) with who ever I want. I don’t have to get married or have kids (I will never, ever have children. They spread disease, scream, and cost a lot of money. Why do people reproduce?)

Ah, choice. It’s lovely.

Brain Damage:

Brain Damage is possibly the best 80s b-horror film ever made.

The director of Brain Damage, Frank Henenlotter, also wrote and directed the unforgettable Frankenhooker and the 80s classic Basket Case.

In the film, a parasite named Elmer feeds on brains. Elmer finds brains by befriending people, and getting them addicted to a liquid substance he secretes (Elmer refers to the blue liquid as his juice. Yeah. It’s gross.)

Every time Elmer injects his pawns with his “juice,” he flashes a goofy smile as he unhinges his jaw.

Brains are consumed in a myriad of awesome ways during the film. One of the most memorable kills occurs when a hooker attempts to engage in a sexual act with Brian. When she unzips his pants, Elmer jumps out, burrows down her throat and ends her.

Sweetest. Film. Ever.


You made it through my lists! I hope you enjoyed them, and will treasure them for days.

Oh, man.

It’s 11:35. I need to get started on real work.

See ya.

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  1. shawnlaveryphoto permalink
    May 20, 2009 11:59 am

    Lord.. I want to see Elmer now!

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