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Hats ‘n’ tassel season

June 1, 2009

It’s graduation season! Yeahhhh! Party! Woo-hoo! Our futures are so bright! In fact, I’m blinded by the greatness of my future! OMGGGG!

Wait. The economy is, uh, bad. Hmm.

Yup. I know this first hand. I was one of the really lucky grads that finished up in December. Let me tell ya. Finding a job isn’t easy.

I’ve been looking since Oct. of 2008, and still no luck.

I’m still applying and keeping a positive attitude, but I must say that the search is starting to weight on me.

Just a tad.

Here are some things that you should not say to a jobless graduate:

1) Really? Is it hard to find a job? (When said in a sarcastic way, it’s OK. If not, shut it.)

2) You are working where? Ha! Didn’t you work there in high school? (Massive fail, jerk face. You do what you have to do to make money.)

3) Man. Why is it taking you so long to find a job? (Hey, buddy. I don’t know. Maybe you should get laid off and find out!)

4) Dude. Your life is so easy right now. That must be awesome! (Yes. I love not being able to pay bills. I may even get to move home! Frackin’ sweet!

5) God. Why are you so grouchy? It’s not like you have to wake up early or anything. (Ha. You are so right. I totally don’t need to fill out all of those pesky applications.)

Yup. Don’t say any of this to a jobless grad. If you do, you may lose a limb.

We’re vicious.

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