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Annnd I’m back

June 8, 2009

Holy, crap! I’ve been very busy. So, pardon my absence.

Today, I turned in my first story section at the Packer. I’m pretty happy, I must admit. My next two stories? California pears and herb and garlic marketing. It’ll be good ‘n’ tasty.

Tomorrow, I begin my new part-time job as a freelance dog walker. Yes. You can laugh. But, when one is a freelance writer, being a freelance dog walker and having a crazy open schedule is amazing.


I meant to somewhat discuss the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show from last week.

A lot of time has passed and I’m sure you don’t care, but, I will say this –

It would have been a great show if I was in front. Being by the sound booth was a horrid decision. Not only did I get to listen to their set with a bunch of random dude brahs who decided to insult every female within a 10 feet radius, but I got trampled by ever bleach blonde bimbo and dyed black maiden in the g-d damn house. Seriously, ladies. It isn’t a competition. There’s no need to elbow me.

I really didn’t enjoy the openers. The first act, uh, I don’t remember their name, was a bad match. I love acoustic music, but I don’t want to hear it before the YYY. Grand Ol’ Party was, hmm, OK. I enjoyed three of their songs, but after that, it all sounded the same.

So, the YYY’s did pretty well. Karen O is sexy as hell and her vocals are great, and the band played well, too. The guitarist sound was a bit muffled, though. It kinda bummed me out. That, and the fact I didn’t get to ear “Down Boy.” Com owwn, YYY…that’s my jam. All in all, a good show, but too short for $25.

So, this week, I plan to review the movie, “My Name is Bruce,” and “S. Darko.” I’m currently watching “RocknRolla,” but am writing, as you can tell – so, I don’t trust brain’s recording skills and won’t write a review.

I also have a few music tidbits up my sleeve, and possibly, a few social commentary bits. So, keep yer eyes peeled.

In the mean time, please read this blog. It’s hilarious.

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