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The weekend I should NOT have had

June 22, 2009

Yeah. I should have worked a bit more this weekend.

I know how I react when I have a lot of work to finish. I typically get nervy and crazy. I pace, talk to myself, say things that I’m thinking to other people, move back and forth – basically, I look like I’m on crack. It’s pretty amazing.

So, what did I do that caused me to have to arrange my pear interviews and Pitch Music Award shorts tonight?

A lot!

Ok. I’ll talk about the weekend a bit.

Friday night:

I went to Greg Enemy and Dutch Newman’s EP release at the Jackpot. It was a pleasent, small gathering. I had a good time (despite the fact some girl knocked my hand and spilled my beer all over my shirt – thanks, sweetheart). The DJs were great and Waterfowl Habitat put on a great show (as always).

Sat. night:

I watched some of the most amazing b-horror films of all time – “Tourist Trap,” and “Bloodsucking Freaks.”

Tourist Trap was about a bunch of young 20-somethings who are on a vacation. They begin to disappear once they meet a deranged gas station attendant who has turned his gas station into a wax museum/manikin hall. The man “makes” the manikins kill the kids, and turns some of the kids into manikins, too.

In one scene, he covers a girl’s face with plaster insisting she won’t suffocate from the plaster stuffed in her mouth and nose. Instead, her heart will explode from fear (yeah, right). Anyhow, the girls acting ability was pretty darn poor, and her death was hilarious. Another lovely tidbit about the film – the manikins make a sing-song “ahhh” sound when they move. I’m pretty sure Beck samples this sound for “The Information.” I may be wrong, though.

“Bloodsucking Freaks” is a very raunchy exploitation film. A man holds a freak show where he actually kills people (the audience thinks it’s all an act). Through the movie, the females he captures are used as tables, experimental brain/dental surgery patients (a brain is sucked through a straw, people), human dart boards, and attack dogs. I think this film may have inspired Eli Roth to make his Hostel films.

The movie had a couple of amazing highlights – one evolves a man – errr, woman flashing a critic at an art gallery, and the other is at the end when the women captives get their “revenge.”

Two fun and blood filled films, folks.

Oh! Here’s another lovely thing I found out over the weekend:

One of my favorite bands, Air, will be releasing a  new album. This is probably the best music news I’ve heard in a while. Now, the only thing that will make life a bit sweeter is if Massive Attack brings out a new album.

Yup. Pretty decent weekend.

And now – back to work.

Hope you all have a nice night!

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