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There’s a thing called a weekend?

June 29, 2009

Busy weekends make for tired Mondays. Like, really tired Mondays with droopy eye sprinkles on top.

On Friday, I went to show number one in the West Bottoms (show number two was on Saturday). Good times were had. The KC band randomly asked me to review them, which I really appreciated. I enjoyed it and you’ll see a review of it + photos later this week. Also, if any other KC bands want a free review/CD review, let me know. I’ll do it. I love the practice, and adore music.

On Saturday, I dog walked all morning. Then, that evening, I went to the Stranger Danger art and music show at the Foundation Room. All bands sounded great. Stereo Command had their first show and did pretty darn well; Kanga sounded better than ever (it was their third show), and the Snuggle Bugs, Waterfowl Habitat, and London Transit did well as always.

Also, my was-supposed-to-be-an-online-only-act, Cesarean Shipwreck (come on, you love the name) got offered a show – for August 28th.

Holy crap cows.

Shawn and I must get to writing soon. Seriously.

Sunday was typical – lots of catch up and organization for today. Also, I’ve begun looking for more freelance work. I haven’t heard from the internship kids since last week, so it looks to be a bust. So, if anyone needs any copy, contact this crazy faced writer.

Oh, well. Maybe it’s one of those seemingly bad things that turns out to be amazing (like my positive thinking? Yeah. You do).

So, now that I’ve told you about all the amazing stuff in my boring little life, I’m going to start writing my pear stories, putting together my first Pitch Music Award Section, write another freelance blog, and start my review of the show mentioned above.

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