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Social labels = stupid

July 6, 2009

Well, I had my first adult weekend.


I don’t mean XXX adult you dirty sickos.

I mean I gave up 4th of July lake time fun for three days of getting up at 5 am, walking dogs for six hours, writing for four hours, and going to bed at midnight type of adultness.

My work paid off, though, because I finished all of my assignments a day early, and I was able to contact all of my organic garlic and herb sources today. I also continued to research Christmas In October.

Volunteer for this cause, ya'll

Volunteer for this cause, ya'll

CIO is a non-profit organization that refurbishes the homes of the elderly, handicapped and underprivileged. I was working on a promotional campaign for the org. at my internship, but my internship no longer exists, so, I’m now working directly with the organization!

So, what do I want to talk about today?

The silliness of social groups and genres.

I’m so darn tired of people’s need to classify every person they see.

A few weekends ago at a show, a friend of mine over heard some mutual friends talking about a few of the other show goers. The show goers the mutual friends were talking about apparently looked “too metal” to be at the show.


Are there dress codes at every bar and club now? Is it OK if I wear my baggy pants and Vans, or is that too grunge?

I don’t really understand why people feel the need to place social labels on others. Wearing black doesn’t always equal goth. Wearing skinny pants and a v-neck does not necessarily equal hipster. Not everyone with a cowboy hat on is, well, a cowboy (or girl). And having a beard doesn’t mean you are a metal head.

Does everyone have to look the same?

And, isn’t it a good thing when one type of music attracts fans of other types of music? Perhaps I’m mistaken. Also, shouldn’t people be more concerned with the show? Why do you care what the dude standing next to you is wearing?


Can we get rid of social labels? Please? OK?


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