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Tick tock

July 19, 2009

Busy would be the word to describe the last week and weekend. Wait. Stressful would be appropriate, too.

It was a bit like finals week in college. I had five stories to write, major decisions to make, a few music sections and CD reviews that needed to be complete, and continuous job searching to do.

That, and I made, like, five stupid mistakes that sent me through the roof. I’m a crazy-ass-cookie who like to behave, seem, and look perfect at all times. Well, that just wasn’t happening last week.

Friday finally came, and I turned in my five garlic and herb stories without stress. While the pieces ran a bit long, I feel good about them. I’ve definitely become a better reporter, and I’m proud of the interviews I gave and information I got. Upon turning in my stories, all my stress melted away.

Unfortunately, that feeling did not last. Later during that day, I had to quit one of my jobs.

I’ve been working for the Pitch, a publication that covers the KC music scene, and I recently started contributing to a national music Web site, PopWreckoning. Recently, I was informed that I could not work for both.

Bummer. Big bummer.

After hours of thinking, and asking friends and family what to do, tearing out my hair, and mumbling to myself in a corner, I made my decision. I quit the paying freelance gig at the Pitch and went with the free job at PopWreck. It was a hard decision to make, but I think it was the right one.

Anyhow. Here is a link to my review of the Mars Volta’s new CD, and Regina Spektor’s new CD. I’ll soon have a Matisyahu show review, and interview up on the site, too. I’ll be interviewing him on Wednesday at 2 p.m., so wish me luck.

Friday ended well enough. I went to the Matisyahu show the CrossRoads in KC, got home early, and had a lovely sleep.

Early Saturday morning, I woke up and took off to Pomme de Terre Lake. Shawn and I got there in record time. We helped his parents paint their teeny tiny cabin a lovely shade of pumpkin, and breaked for lunch. After we ate, Shawn and I decided to go to one of the lake’s “beaches.”

While we were gone, my brat faced beagle, Daphne Paige, jumped out of the cabin when someone was leaving, and ran her little ass away. Into the woods. As in, miles and miles of woods. Woods that contain ticks, crazies, coyotes, and God knows what else.

*Cue Abbie crying, convulsing, and laying in the middle of the woods screaming*

Yeah. I know.

Anyway, after three hours and a search party of about 30, one of Shawn’s cousins found her in the middle of the woods.

Lord. We are lucky.

Anyhow. She’s now safe. She was covered in about 17 ticks and darn near exhausted, but she’s ok.

Bitch ass beagle at home, safe, drooling away in bliss.

Bitch ass beagle at home, safe, drooling away in bliss.

So, that was my “relaxing” weekend. Pretty awesome, right?

Anyhow. All’s well now.

I’m planning to post here a bit more often. I’m going to try to make the posts a bit more interesting so you guy are entertained. Like always, give me feedback if you’d like.

I’m also applying for a few new jobs this week for some extra cash and beginning to take on a few modeling jobs. So, if you are an artist, and you need a model, I can help you out.

I hope everyone else’s weekend was better than mine. Annnd, here’s to doing it all again…starting tomorrow…


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