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Stereo Command: Stereo Command Demo

August 3, 2009

I recently saw Kansas City, KS’s Stereo Command play their first show at the Foundation Room in the West Bottoms at the Stranger Danger show. While each member’s nervousness showed and the performance wasn’t perfect, they held it together and played a decent 30 minute set. The high energy, four piece live act was a nice change from a lot of the electronic bands I’ve been seeing lately.

Nate Bogert (backing vocals, bass), who also performs as VJDN8, recently sent me Command’s demo to see if I liked their stuff.

*Yes. I am the queen of reviews. Can’t you tell I know everything (That was severe sarcasm in case you didn’t catch it)*

The four track demo is a good first release. It’s presented well (nice cover, and clearly printed disc with legible track names, MySpace and Gmail contact).

Two of the four tracks are distinctly different. “The Juice” is poppy and cute, while “Front Under The Stairs,” is balled like, and sincere. The two other tracks, “Agenda,” and “Don’t Let Them Fool You,” are angsty, and gritty.

The demo sounds a bit scratchy and echoey, and the singing is a bit off key at times, but it works; they sound like a garage, grunge band hybrid.

I like the female vocals that lead Command. I do enjoy the singer’s voice more when she’s in her lower register, or when she speak sings, though. She has a nice vocal range.

Stereo Command (and possibly VJDN8) will be playing at the Brick on August 15 and at the Record Bar on August 31. Go catch ’em if you’re free! Should be a fun time.

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