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Tigercity at the Brick: A semi-review

September 17, 2009

Mmm. Being sick is not awesome.

I started feeling ill the night of Mars Volta, and have been forcing myself to sleep (then work , then sleep (repeat)) over the last two days. I hope my diligence pays off and I’m well by the weekend.

I think I either caught the little stinker of a cold at the Brick on Friday (Tigercity & Tut Tut) or at the Bottleneck (Cowboy Indian Bear/Suzannah Johannes/Murder By Death) on Saturday.

Anyhow, this blog is going to be about Tigercity. I actually went to the show as a fan and not a reviewer, but hell, it’s going to get a semi-review (definition of semi-review: It’s been a week, so I can’t remember all of the details, but I’m going to try to write about it anyway, dammit).

It was a typical night in KC. I couldn’t find my way to the venue at first, and had to circle the block a few times before finding a parking spot.

After finally finding a spot, my friend and I exited the car and began to walk towards the venue. As we walked around the tied off sidewalk, I realized I forgot to change my shoes (I wasn’t sure if I was going to a show earlier that night, so I decided to wear heels. Yes. I know I should have realized my error before leaving my apartment, but I’m not very observant. It’s a flaw).

I have a strict “DO NOT wear heels to a show” policy.

I seriously dislike females who go to shows and are all like, “OMG!! My feet hurt, like, so baaad. Take me home (she cries to her friend). I’m miserable.”

*Click – clock – click – clock (sound of girl walking away – Sits down in chair, and makes the worlds most scrunched pouty face*

That ain’t me!

But, alas, it was on Friday night.

Luckily I had on my little heels, so I wasn’t too towery or uncomfortable.

My friend and I made our way to the back of the bar and took a seat. I like to hide in corners at shows. Being out in the open makes me feel way uncomfortable. I’d really like to own a cape that would make me invisible. That way, I could go anywhere, at anytime, and never be seen (muahaha).

We caught the tail end of Tut Tut. I didn’t know a whole lot about the band, but I enjoyed what they had to offer. I suppose I would describe them as a cheery indie-dance band that had a deep love for percussion (I spotted a lot of noise making devises on stage).

After Tut Tut walked off the stage, I got myself another beer (aka handed my friend some cash and asked him if he would make the trip to the bar), and watched the members of Tigercity walk around the venue.

Around midnight, the men from Tigercity (Bill Gillim, Joel Ford, Andrew Brady, and Gregory Settino) took to the stage. I love Tigercity for three reasons. Well, there are more than three, but these are the kickers:

1. They have AWESOME facial hair.
2. Bill Gillim’s vocals are all awesome and high pitched disco like.
3. They make people dance (which allows me to people watch and snicker. Two of my most favoritist things).

The guys opened with “Fake Gold,” and played their disco pop-rock for almost an hour and 15 minutes. My unprofessional opinion is that they sound like a guitar heavy Of Montreal, mixed with The Police beats.

After finishing their last song, they left the stage and went behind a tiny curtain. The crowd began to shout “three more songs!”

So, the band walked back onstage, and the Gillim said something like, “I bet you guys didn’t think we were going to come back, and that you couldn’t see us behind the curtain.”

When someone in the crowd repeated the three more songs chant, the lead said, “we don’t have three more songs. How about one more?”

After the show ended, I told my friend to remove the band’s show poster from the wall for me (I heart free souvenirs), and we exited the bar in enough time to be driving out of Westport to witness a hilarious drunk driving arrest. One driver drunky vs five cops. Hilarious.

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