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Go to these shows or a zombie will eat your brain

October 1, 2009

So, a few months ago or so, I gave you all a list of shows you should attend.

Guess what?

I’m totally doing that again!

Here is my rock-tober (I’m sooo original) show list:

Well, this one is going on as we speak, and it’s sold out so good luck getting in. Anyhow, it’s Girl Talk. I don’t like girls or talking (or dancing), but I still think it would be a fun show to catch.

Next up is Moby outside the Beaumont (back yard) on October 2. Sweet DJ beats for your feets.

Come enjoy this local fashion/music extravaganza at the Replay on October 3. Admire local fashions on models that are totally zombiefied. It’ll be a drop dead (haha) fun night for all.

As some of you may know, I have a deep love for all things cheesy, dark, and tragic. So, that’s why I hope to attend KMFDM and Angel Spit on October 7 at the Beaumont.

Next up is the Entrance Band at the Jackpot on October 9. I’m totally looking forward to this psychedelic explosion.

I will be moving (slightly) for sure at the Ghostland Observatory show at the Crossroads on October 16. That’s saying a lot, guys, because I don’t dance (or sway). Ever.

Another show I will NOT miss is Blitzen Trapper at the Jackpot on October 18. I heart these guys hard.

Annd, if I had the cash, I’d totally go see Gogol Bordello again (for the fourth time). These guys are great and amazing. They’ll be at Liberty Hall on October 24.

Also, note the Halloweenie Roast I wrote about yesterday.

Yes, yes. There will be more. I’ll try to add them up here every once and awhile.

Hope this holds your interest for now. Until then, I’ll be writing about organic produce and all sorts of other things.

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