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My week of sorrow and horror

November 5, 2009

The title of this post is a bit inaccurate. I know. I am a reporter and I’m not supposed to lie, but I have to get you to click on my damn blog somehow, right?

I am calling this my week of sorrow and horror because of the events I have attended, and will be attending this weekend.

We all know last Saturday was Halloween. I finally thought of a free (as in I owned everything I wore) costume. I decided to be…


Dead hooker part over heeerrre!

Abbie the Frankenhooker and dead girl Katy with a special appearance by nerdy boy #2 in the background @ the Spook Lights/Black Christmas show.

I’m super hot when dressed as a dead, pieced together girl. The hilarious thing about this costume was that I was more clothed than most girls I saw out and about, and I was portraying a  hooker.


This is the original Frankenhooker. As you can see, I went as the PG-13 (and smaller chested) version.

The other sorrow-ish event I attended this week was Emilie Autumn’s show at the Granada in Lawrence. What could be more depressing than a stage full of hot ladies acting out a vaudeville performance while dancing to Victorian/industrial music in burlesque attire?

OK. I know that none of that sounds sorrow-y. I suppose you’ll have to wait till my PopWreckoning review goes live to find out about the misery laden show.

The next event is tomorrow. Yes. I’m going to A.F.I. Go ahead, point your fingers and laugh. I know. The band is terribly cheesy, but I’ve loved the band’s brand of cheese since I was a teenager, so give me a break.

So there you have it. My week of sorrow and horror.

Tune in next week where you can watch me decide what shows to go to over the next few weeks:

Why? on Nov. 10

Zechs Marquise on Nov. 13

Rob Zombie on Nov. 14

Netherfriends on Nov. 16

The Grooms on Nov. 17

Lover on Nov. 19

The Cranberries on Nov. 29

Why must I be plagued with decision making!!

Oh, the horror…

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