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Mad Dogs

December 1, 2009
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I’m a fan of Mad Men. The third season ended a few weeks ago, but I tape (that’s right. VHS) the show and watch it when I run.

I watched the last episode a couple of days ago.

First off, it was flipping amazing. I am happy with everything that happened. And, Joanie came back! I couldn’t have been happier.

So, after watching the show, I began to reflect on how every character on the show behaves. Their mannerisms, and such. Then Daphne Paige (my dog) interrupted my reflection by nosing my hand on top of her head. Apparently, I hadn’t met my pet quota for the day.

I began to think how alike Joanie and Daphne are.


Joanie keeps the office together. She talks folks down when they need calming, and keeps the office running at top speed. She’s very friendly – if you don’t cross her.

Daph is all perky and helpful, too. She’ll show you where things are, and be very pleasant. But, if you cross her, or touch her wrong, she’ll hit your hand with her nose to let you know what’s up.

Annnnnd my mother’s dog, Maggie, is totally Betty Draper. Betty is a bit cold, but she has her loving moments, and occasionally shows her soft side. She is very quiet, and not sure of herself, too.

Little miss Mag is very prim and proper. She always crosses her paws when she lays down, and is a very dainty. When she plays, she will only run down the hall to nose the toy you threw and will then sit and stare at you. Also, don’t sit on her chair. If you do, she’ll run to the back bedroom to be alone and recoup from your unwanted touches.

Yeah. I realize this post is pointless, but that’s a-OK with me.

You know why?

Because I love Mad Men and I love dogs.


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