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Happy frackin’ new year

January 9, 2010

Yeah, yeah. My New Year greeting is a bit late. Whatever. It’s my blog and I do what I want!

So, New Year = glamtastic changes to this blog

First change: Cleaning the blog’s “house” begins now. Well, more like right hours from now. I have to go buy a dirt sucker. I’m going to re-work my blog categories and tags.

Second change: This writing space may move. I wanna make it my own and stuff. Now, I have to do a LOT of stuff I don’t really know how to do to, well, do this thing right, so, this change may not happen until a few months from now.

Third change: Most of my music and event posts will be at and I’ll write short, itty update posts when I have new pieces.

Fourth change: Lots of exciting stuff happening this year (sarcasm). I’ll talk about my adjustment to the great world of full-time work, and my moving (as into another building, not “Lifetime movie of the week”, moving) experience.

Fifth change: Horror movie reviews and discussions will be a big thing here. As in, the name may change. I’ll try to have two related posts a week. Now, I realize that’s a bit unrealistic, but I’ve never been one to have a clear understanding of what’s “real.” Being crazy distorts that whole “normal” thing.

Okay, then! Fun time starts now. Can’t you just feel the excitement welling up inside of you? I sure as hell know I can.

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