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Help bring Horrorfest to KC

January 15, 2010

Hey, all.

I haven’t watched any new horror movies this week.

Weak I know, but it was my birthday week. Enough bloodshed and sorrow happened that day to last a year.



Luckily, I found a little news piece that will cater to all horror lovers in the KC area.

Photo by Steven Depolo - Yeah. I bet all the blood in the fest's films will look this real.

Apparently, no local theaters have taken this year’s “After Dark’s Horrorfest, 8 Films To Die For.” For three years, Horrorfest has brought underground horror films to the public. The event is supposed to start on January 29.

In order to get these films in Kansas City’s theaters, all of us gore whores must e-mail local theaters and tell the owners how much we want Horrorfest in our town.

Here are the theaters you can contact:

Phoenix Theater 14 at Legends in Kansas City

AMC (specify that you are requesting the Horrorfest in Kansas)

You can also reach the Screenland Theater by e-mailing

Faster, gore whores, kill, kill … or, write, write!

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