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Hello, Goregeous

January 18, 2010

So, for those of you that don’t know, I was writing a deadly little column titled “The Gore Whore” at It didn’t really fit that site’s vibe, so I moved it over here.

This was my introduction post for the column:

“Some of you may wonder how I’ve come to love horror films. I mean, not every skinny, nerdy, 20-something chick gets happy when watching a poor, helpless bystander get their eyeballs gouged out. But, hey. I do.

I started watching horror because I got bored easily. I was a teen in Kansas, and there was nothing to do. So, instead of taking drugs or going boy-crazy, I watched horror.

The film that sent me on my horror binge was Jaws. Who doesn’t love it when a giant shark bites people in two? Let’s see the hands? Hmm, just me?


It was a slippery slope from there.

My childhood home was near a family run video store. It was pretty old school, even had the “dirty curtain” that separated the adult films from the mainstream.

The store had a small section of horror films. As I perused the videos’ covers, I began to get curious… what was the Nightmare on Elmstreet? What the heck are Ghoulies? And why did that chick spit on that grave? One slow summer day, I decided to find out.

Now, instead of renting from the local (now defunct) video store, I’m renting three to five brutal films via Netflix and bringing my lovely reviews to your screen, so you can, uh, scream?”

Pretty nifty, huh? Now you all know what’s going on and won’t feel all insulted when I refer to you and myself as gore whores.

You’ll like it- or else…

I plan on re-posting the last review I did for KCFP this week because it never ran.

See? Now you have all sorts of things to look forward to!

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