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I heart video games

March 21, 2010
Abbie, the game queen

I can't operate Wii remotes. Shut up.

Can you tell?

Yes. That’s right. I spent my evening playing Wii, eating some soup (that I cooked! Whhhhooa), and watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The fifth season. You know, the one with the Dickasode? Hand Banana?

Tonight, you…

Oh, balloon rape. So funny!

Anyhow, I needed a night of calm. And wine.

It gave me plenty of time to recover from the day. Wait, week. No, month.

It’s been pretty rough.

I moved, got a new job (I clean houses with a lovely lady at Simply Sparkling Cleaning. I am going to create some promos for it soon. So, if you’re in Lawrence, you should totally hire us. She’s smart, and I’m a cleaning perfectionist. That’s the truth), took on new projects, and have dealt with some pretty crappy news.

Yes. That was a very vague statement about my personal life, and I’m going to keep it that way.

*sticks tongue out, runs in a circle like a child*

Anyhow. Things are starting to get better. And, my muscles are starting to chill out. It’s crazy how many things ache after cleaning a few houses. Seriously. I’m going to have arms, thighs, and abs of steel after a few months.

I’ll be a whole new Abbie! I’ll be slightly more social, and a lot more dangerous. Grrr-uff!

Now I must return to work so I can go to these shows in the coming weeks (Cymbals Eat Guitars (Replay), Beach House (Granada), VNV Nation (Granada), The Big Pink (Bottleneck), Deer Tick (Jackpot)).

I’m sure there are more shows to mention, but I’m getting bored listing them off.


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