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Surfer Blood and the Sea of Ass

March 21, 2010

I say, gosh damn.

I haven’t been out in a long time. I’m forgetting how to act around people.

I’m used to only communicating with my beagle. I can comfortably speak in howls, yips, and barks. And, I growl. That’s totally off putting to all the fine young men I come into contact with.


I DID go out last weekend. You all know it as the “weekend before the freak-ass, spring fling, snow storm” hit.

Really, guys.

KU loses, AND my lovely town gets, like, 8 inches of cold, soft snow?

Back to the story…

I went out last Saturday.

I decided to go get some Ramen while my friends ate Sushi at Yokohama. All was well and good until I had a freak asthma attack on my food.

Totally disgusting.

Noodles were abound.

Not fun, Not sexy.

After the geyser of grossness my dear, sweet, bee-a-utiful friend, Crys met up with me and my buds, and we headed to the show.

All was well and good during the Dactyls (fracking great set, local dudes. Great set, indeed). But, things started to get hinky during Turbo Fruits.

I mean, yeah, the music was totally great and all. It was a lovely blend of thrash surf, and pop rock goodness, but the crowd, was a bit rough.

The crowd was mostly male, which is totally cool, because, well, I dig dudes.

Surprise, I know.

But, these dudes weren’t your typical Replay lovin’ guys (aka, I’m going to stare at your body in a weird and awkward way, but I totally won’t touch you or talk to you).

These dudes were evil blue shirts (aka crazed KU fans).

And they were hungry for meat.

Lady meat.

In fact, these meat hungry men did my monthly breast exam for me.

I expect the results in five to seven days.

But, really. Totally annoying, and distracting.

I heard five songs and left.

This is what I wanted to crowd to do…



So, I’m all going out, outed. I need me a big break. I hope I get over it by Xiu Xiu, though. That should be a good one. Who doesn’t love progressive experimental pop goth?

I know I do!

K. I’m onto to reviewing Macabre. Should be good, sister/brother lovin’ fun.


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