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Wah wa arg – plus special feature! Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., Tapes ‘n Tapes review

March 7, 2011

Anyone who works in a creative field knows they will never feel complete satisfaction with their work. As soon as a writer feels good about a story, someone will tear it up and spit on it.

I haven’t got a lot of criticism lately.

That makes me nervous.

Really nervous.

I welcome bad reviews (when I’m used to getting them.) When I haven’t heard a negative word in a while, I begin to forget what critique feels like. I wonder if my work, ideas don’t matter; if my words, thoughts aren’t relevant. That’s a scary thing.

I suppose I’m technically not relevant, though. Marketers and people who have similar jobs say women over 25 really don’t matter. We are a dead market. All we like are chick flicks. Well, marketers, I like chicks in flicks if they’re wearing fake dicks (referencing Bloodsucking Freaks).

Take that.

Okay. Creativity and relevance sob story over.

Self promotion begin.

Here is a link to my Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. interview and my Tapes ‘n Tapes review. There’s a lot of redundant redundancy in the previous sentence, but I’m cool with that.

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