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Let’s do an ankle roll

May 26, 2011

I rolled my ankle during my run today. Once I felt the pain surge through my body, I tried to pretend my shoe had come untied because I didn’t want the people driving by to know I hurt myself. So I pretended to stretch and slowly sat down to tie my already tied shoe.

Holy fuck, it hurts to roll your ankle.

I sat on the dirty sidewalk (outside of a dirty frat — lord only know what’s happened on that sidewalk) and waited until the pain went away.

I was able to finish my run, but by the time I got home my ankle was chunkified.

It's the left one. Yeah, yeah. It's not that big (heh), but it hurts.

Sad panda.

While I slowly trotted home, I noticed some dude’s underwear on the lawn outside of the girls’ dorms on the KU campus. That got me thinking, “hey! All the students are gone. I can now drink in public in peace!”

So now, my friends, I’m going to go have a pity glass of wine for my poor ankle and enjoy the silence.

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