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Flight of the abandoned condos

July 10, 2011

I know I’ve typed about this before. When I run outside, I see lots of odd things on the side of the road, on the sidewalk and thrown in the grass. All the cute and decent things leave my mind immediately and the memories of the gross items get stuck in my brain for-ev-er. So, what do I see all the time — and I do mean all the time — during my run, you ask?


Use 'em and abuse 'em, kids.

Yeah, yeah. We’ve all seen worn-the-heck-out condoms in bushes (heh), and stuck to mailboxes. But the condoms I’ve seen are not used — the little rubbers are still intact and remain halfway inside the wrapper they came in (dirty).

And again — yeah, yeah — no one likes condoms, but rubbers are necessary for many reasons (one night stands, drunken encounters, baby preventers, STD stoppers, etc., etc.)

My question: why pull out a condom, get it ready to go and then say to yourself, “hm. I think I’ll just go ahead and go bare with this girl I don’t know. I mean, she at least smells like she’s had a shower in the last day, so she must be clean!”

Not smart my man. Not smart at all. This chick (or you) could have HPV, herpes or another fun little bug and not even know it. Nothing says “take me now” like genital warts, am I right?

So, fellas – if you take the effort to get a condom out and prepared, put it on.

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