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Why I don’t watch TV (normally)

August 3, 2011
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I channel surfed yesterday. I feel dirty typing that, but I have an excuse — I had, like, 20 mins of extra time. That never happens. Really. Please believe me. I would have picked up the book I’m reading, but it was in the other room and I was too hot to move.

Excuses, excuses.

Anyway. I spotted a broadcast of a food eating contest.


Sorry. I had a flashback and got nauseous. It’s just too hot to eat.

The competitors were chompin’ on meat and bread, and were doing that creepy snake-like gulping thing. I guess that “special move” makes food go down smoother…quicker…whatever.

While I watched these crazy guys eat, I thought about an NPR report I heard earlier in the day. It was about the famine in the Somalia! Don’t know about it? Take a listen.

No. I’m not blaming these guys for the famine. They can gorge on food and take in un-needed calories as much as they want. It’s fine and in good (but disgusting) fun (I guess).


Yes. I would like to hear more about this on news networks.

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