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But you’re a girl!

January 3, 2012

So, you guys know all about rape, right?

If a person is raped, he or she is forced to have sex against their will. Sometimes a person is drugged or passed out. Sometimes a person is made to feel worthless and is coerced into having sex. Rape happens to men and women, and boys and girls. Both men and women can rape.

Simple, right? Terrible, but simple.

Well, guess what? According to my computer, my definition of rape (and the widely accepted definition of rape) isn’t accurate.

Apparently, men are the only people who rape. Also: rape can only happen to a woman!

Take a look:


Only women are invited to this rape party. Oh, and countrysides.

Not accurate and grrrr inspiring.

A woman can rape a man, and woman can rape another woman. Anyone can pretty much rape, well, anyone. Rape is special like that! It’s a terrible crime that excludes no one.

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