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Since when is spraying anything a good thing

March 24, 2012

It's poison, guys.

Well, at least there’s a scary sign!

Spring is my least favorite season. It’s all drippy and stuff. Not to mention tornadoes, floods, allergies, and all that.

Spring this year isn’t so bad. Yes, I realize we’re only a few days deep in this season we call crrraaazy, but I’m really enjoying all the clouds.

And the green stuff? Wow! It’s, like, out of this world.

There’s still this one thing about spring that makes me mad, though.

Crazy mad.

That thing is lawn treatment.

Now, it’s none of my business if you want to treat your lawn with creepy chemicals. More power to ya, guys! But please – keep those pastel pellets on your lawn – not the sidewalk. Since last I checked the cement doesn’t need fertilizer. It tends to flourish on its own, sillies!

So, why am I so anti-chemical? Well, because my father and mother raised me that way. Nurture got the best of me!

Also: our newest addition to our family, Josie, a boisterous, young cocker spaniel, recently had a cancer scare. A four-pound cancer scare. That was removed from her stomach.

She’s cool now, though, guys. She kills toys. Our vet isn’t sure what caused the cancer, but thinks environmental causes may be to blame. She was a stray that lived in a field for a little over a few months.

True, it’s not a direct comparison, but it’s close enough for me.


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