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Thanksgiving traditions

November 19, 2012

Every year my family watches Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and the Gilmore Girls‘ Thanksgiving episode (third year).

Steve Martin’s love/hate relationship with John Candy is spectacular. And the film, unlike most holiday movies made during the last five years, isn’t covered in sap or smothered with idiotic jokes. And while, yes, over the years I have come to consider Mr. Martin one of my favorite writers, the film is a classic:

The Gilmore Girls‘ Thanksgiving special is filled with everything that made the show spectacular. It has timely pop-culture references, snappy dialogue, strong female relationships, cheesy love triangles, and snark out the wazoo:

Word, Luke.

Thanksgiving is typically a sleepy holiday. My mom hosts the dinner. My mom’s parents, my aunt, my aunt’s friend, and typically, my fella-of-the-moment, meet around 2 p.m., and eat. My mom makes the most amazing side dishes. I’m sure the turkey is great, too, but I’m a veggie head, so I miss out.

The whole holiday typically calms down early. Mid-afternoon walks are had, the Plaza lighting ceremony is watched and then, everyone sleeps (my parents and relatives) or drinks wine (me, basically). No one fights, or gets grumpy drunk. No one hates each other. It’s all nice, really.

Do you have a Thanksgiving traditions?

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