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Abbie vs. the Cold

November 26, 2012

I used to make fun of sports fans. I would tease them and yell things like, “spend your time doing important things, like reading, or something!”

I was a jerk and not very good at thinking up pithy insults.

Over the years, I’ve started treating sports fans a bit better. Basically because I’m a nicer person than I used to be and because I realize most sports fans aren’t idiots (I based my sweeping opinion of sports fans on many years of watching idiotic, college-aged KU fans in Lawrence, Kan.)

One of the things I thought made sports lovers insane was their desire to stand outside in freezing temperatures. I would think, “fools! Stay inside. It’s too cold.”

Well, I’ve now turned into a cold weather stand outsider. Or more accurately, a run outsider.

I really (really, really) enjoy running in cold weather. Over the weekend, I ran, like, six miles, in 20 degree windchill weather. It was a challenge, and fun!

So, basically, I can kind of relate to sports fans who stand outside in the cold. One less thing I can poke fun of. The list is getting so short these days!

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