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Home for the holiday: a strange way to celebrate 2013

December 31, 2012
A snowy New Year's Eve in a sleepy Kansas town.

A snowy New Year’s Eve in a sleepy Kansas town.

I’m going to start 2013 off in a very peculiar place. A place where there is no liquor, or public humping. That place is my parents’ house. With the hope of becoming the most amazing daughter of all time, I will watch Josie, my parents’ dog, for the night.

But honestly — I kind of hate going out on New Year’s Eve. I worry about drinking and even if I do imbibe, I really hate the New Year’s Day hangover. It’s always filled with a bit more pain and depression.

So, while I play with Daphne and Josie, and watch the Apartment, I plan on finalizing my New Year’s resolutions. Here’s my list so far:

Obtain more work, but don’t work as much

I have two main jobs that sustain me, but both are freelance. I take other freelance jobs, too. Now, I won’t stop taking on new work, but I will plan better so I can actually enjoy having full days off. A lack of personal organization and general chaos has caused me to have little time of my own this last year, and that’s affected my health (hello, flus) and brain (it’s fried and uninspired). This year I plan on becoming more successful without sacrificing my me-ness.

Keep up my morning meditation

I don’t take anxiety or depression medication even though I am a gigantic nut. So, to combat stress and the sads, I try to stay in the moment and meditate. That with a dose of daily, long-distance running keeps me sane. When I meditate I’m better able to stay in the moment and can stop my brain from going all, “FUUUUCCCCCCKKKK.” Lately I’ve allowed my head to go to the “FUCK” place rather than the “aw, shit, this isn’t that bad” place. I will change that in 2013.

Keep it all together

I really need to spend more time on my appearance. I need to start doing things, such as:

-Iron my clothing: yes. I’m lazy and often don’t iron my clothes. It’s terrible.

-Wash my hair more, and wear the makeups: I do both these things often, but I often forgo lipstick and a hair wash for breakfast (a smart action but should make room for all three things.) I always feel better when I’m polished, though, so I’m going to work on it.

-Learn to properly mend clothing and shoes: I have many shirts with missing buttons. Holes in pants? Damn straight. This will change, world. Promise.

Maintain my health and cook more

Now, I’m a healthy gal. I try to eat whole foods and am a full-time vegetarian and a part-time vegan. I run every day and practice yoga at home. But over the last year my health has been all fhdjsjdkajsbd. That means I’ve been sick and stressed very often. So! Something has to change. That something, I think, is that I need to listen to my body more. So, hey, sexy body — I’m listening. Also, while I cook a lot, I plan on actually cooking good food and full meals and not mish-mash dishes.

Be a tad more social

I’m an introvert — a totally awesome personality type! But because I often become nervous and exhausted when talking with other people, I don’t go out often. I don’t plan on becoming a social butterfly (gross) but I do plan on going out more and talking to more people. People watching is fun, so I’m guessing that people learning is fun, too.

So, reader, what are your New Year’s resolutions? Are they big? Are they small? Let me know.

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