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Let’s work it out, baby

February 22, 2013

Yes, that’s a snow blower putting snow back on the roadway. I know, I know — people need to walk (including me.) I’m just mean.

Hey, you guys. It snowed in Kansas City today! Like, I’m typing (Internet talking) 12-plus inches of snow. So, the entire city basically shut down. The office workplace closed and I relaxed, and worked in my sweats with my hair in Princess Leia buns.

I also did my weight and yoga routine because, duh – I go absolutely, bat crazy if I don’t move enough every day. Normally, on a no-snow day, I go to the gym and run. Today that wasn’t an option. So, I decided to go old-school aerobics and do an at-home cardio routine.

I stumbled upon this. It looks easy enough, right? I mean, I’m a lady who runs, like, five miles every day – I can totally kick this regimen’s ass. HAHA. It was my ass that was kicked. After finishing the workout, I believe I said, “dear god. That exercise was akin to being strapped down and having the devil dangle his hell-fire tinged testicles a centimeter above your nose.”

Graphic! And factual (probably.)

But the exercise worked. I was pooped. Tired. It actually reminded me of when I used to workout with my mom. When I was about six years old, I would sit parallel to my mom and we’d do the Jane Fonda workout. By the end, I was always tired. And, honestly, amazed at how bend-y my mom was (and is, for the record.)

So, while the workout was painful and reminded me why I used to hate breaking a sweat and going to gym class, it was ultimately useful, cardio-rific and memory inducing.

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  1. February 22, 2013 10:47 am

    I am not sure this post is complete without an Olivia Newton-John reference. Let’s get physical!

  2. Abbie Stutzer permalink
    February 22, 2013 10:51 am

    You are very right! And while my mother was in love with Fonda, my father was (and probably still is) in love with Newton-John.

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