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You’re all going to die tonight

April 8, 2013

So, you all know I love horror. Knowing that, I bet you’re very surprised – shocked, even – that I saw Evil Dead this weekend (assume from this point forward I will most likely type something you will not want to read if you haven’t seen the movie yet.)

This fucking guy.

This fucking guy.

Did I like the remake? I loved it. I’m incredibly happy that the film was not a shot-by-shot remake, but a re-imagining of the classic, cult film.

While the remake was a bit darker and much bloodier than the original, there was still a great bit of funny in the movie. Case in points:

— The dialogue was absolutely hilarious at times. Example: when the blonde, bloody female exclaimed, “why does my face hurt?” after one of her friends shot a dozen nails in her skull.

— The brother saving the sister montage. All it needed was a classic rock guitar solo and the scene would have been perfection.

— Face vomit. Because nothing is funnier than face vomit.

And I should add that I’m happy the remake had a female survivor (of rape, demon possession, etc., etc.) I know many of my fellow feminists are pissed the director kept the forest rape in the film, but come on, people — it’s a bloody horror film. Rape is horrific. It wasn’t like this rape was funny – it was disgusting. Sure, the audience reacted to the scene with laughter/groans/shielded eyes/awkward giggles/clapping, but for goodness sake – that was their reaction to everything that was gross in the film. And at least in this version of Evil Dead the woman gets to stick it to the rape perpetrator via chainsaw. So. Incredibly. Satisfying.

So, have any of you seen the new Evil Dead? What did you think about Ash’s cameo?

photo credit: Evil Dead movie site

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