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Look at me, acting all fancy pants

June 8, 2013
Let's replace that candy bar with a glass of red and we'll be good to go.

Let’s replace that candy bar with a glass of red and we’ll be good to go.

And by fancy pants, I mean I’ve started a full-time, full-service freelance writing and editing business. Ginchy, the LLC, includes ginchy words, and work created at my former place of business (aka, “Abbie Stutzer…writes!,” or something like that. But not really that.”)

So, why have I done this? Basically, over the last 12 months I’ve got an insane amount of traffic from people who like my crazy, rantings and ravings, and they want little ol’ me to transform their words into awesome-pants copy. So, if they view me as…professional (so nutso)…I better be…professional. Hence, this is a business-y page. Don’t fret, weirdo readers. I’ll still write about all the crazy here. And believe me — I’ve plenty of it I’ve just been waiting to write about.

In the next few weeks, I’ll populate the new site with various posts and insights on writing and the writing business. Along with my new work, rates and all that other stellar stuff.

To celebrate, let’s watch Joel Gion play the tambourine. OK? OK.

Image: Bright Meadow

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